Now a days technologies that people get used to watch on future movies are becoming more realistic and practical. The impact of technology is influencing everyone’s life directly or indirectly. Even some people who are very conservative to technological changes are being influenced by the new technologies being invented. Those people sooner or later join the majority who is already using the technology. New equipments are being introduced in many fields such as Medical, Transportation, Communication, Education, Business, Security…etc. There is a lot to be said about every technology that is being invented. There are lots of aspects to be taken into consideration when introducing new technology. Among these are the security aspect telling how secure the device is to public, legal/ethical issues focusing on how to legalize its use, social implications focusing on how useful it is to public, future use discussing on how it can be used and improved for the future and so on. This topic is going to see how the new technology is influencing the transportation field and it is also going to emphasize on new technology which is emerging in this field i.e. Self-driving Cars and their impact on public transportation.