unit time
xentojiffy 3 × 10-52s
yoctojiffy 3 x 10-49s
zeptojiffy 3 x 10-46s
attojiffy 3 x 10-43s
femtojiffy 3 x 10-40s
picojiffy 3 x 10-37s
nanojiffy 3 x 10-34s
microjiffy 3 x 10-31s
myriojiffy 3 x 10-29s
millijiffy 3 x 10-28s
centijiffy 3 x 10-27s
decijiffy 3 x 10-26s
jiffy 3 x 10-25s
bijiffy 6 x 10-25s
trijiffy 9 x 10-25s
quadjiffy 1.2 x 10-24s
quintjiffy 1.5 x 10-24s
sexajiffy 1.8 x 10-24s
septajiffy 2.1 x 10-24s
octajiffy 2.4 x 10-24s
nonajiffy 2.7 x 10-24s
dekajiffy 3 x 10-24s
duodekajiffy 3.6 x 10-24s
vigintijiffy 6 x 10-24s
trigintijiffy 9 x 10-24s
quadragintijiffy 1.2 x 10-23s
quintquagintijiffy 1.5 x 10-23s
hectojiffy 3 x 10-23s
duhectojiffy 6 x 10-23s
kilojiffy 3 x 10-22s
myriajiffy 3 x 10-21s
megajiffy 3 x 10-19s
gigajiffy 3 x 10-17s
terajiffy 3 x 10-15s

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